Rock the Keto Diet with Locatelli Cheeses

The Keto diet has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years and if you’ve decided to try it for the New Year we have great news for you. While you’ll have to skip many high carb foods; you can enjoy as much cheese as you like including all our delicious Locatelli cheese varieties!

If the Keto diet is new to you; here’s the basic concept. Keto (short for ketogenic) is a low-carb, high-fat, moderate protein lifestyle that encourages the body to produce ketones in the liver to use as energy instead of carbohydrates.  One of the things that’s made it so popular is that it’s one of the few diets that allows for things like bacon, butter, avocado, burgers, and of course cheese!  (Because really, what’s life without cheese!)

Here are some delicious and creative ways to enjoy Locatelli cheeses in all your meals when you’re following the Keto diet plan:

  1. Sprinkle premium grated Locatelli Pecorino Romano on your morning eggs or whisk into scrambled eggs for richer taste.


  1. Add cubed Locatelli Saracino to muffin tin mini frittatas as a make-ahead breakfast and snack solution.


  1. Tuck grated Saracinos into omelettes along with bacon, spinach, and mushrooms to stay satisfied all morning.


  1. Use a mix of Locatelli cheeses to make low-carb vegetable gratins like cauliflower or broccoli instead of your usual Mac and Cheese. We also love an extra dusting of Pecorino Romano on top to brown under the broiler.


  1. Whisk Locatelli’s Crema di Pecorino or grated Pecorino Romano into home-made, low-carb salad dressings to make a Kale Caesar or classic Spinach Salad with Hardboiled Egg and Bacon.


  1. Stir our Cremas or grated Pecorino Romano into full fat dips made with sour cream and mayonnaise. You can try making homemade ranch, onion, or tzatziki to enjoy with keto-friendly dippers for snacks.


  1. Grate our premium Pecorino Romano over zucchini noodles or roasted eggplant topped with no-sugar marinara to get your pasta fix.


  1. Add crunch to all your dishes with Pecorino Chips! Just grate Pecorino Romano and bake in small piles on silicone baking sheets at 400 degrees or until crispy and brown. Let cool and store at room temperature in an air-tight container.


  1. Stir grated Pecorino Romano into your ground meat mixture for meatballs or meatloaf fto add a major boost in flavor.


  1. Crumble Locatelli Ricotta Salata into all your low-carb salads to add protein, fat, and a delicious creamy bite.


  1. Use our grated Pecorino Romano in your favorite Keto bread or cracker recipes with a hefty dose of freshly ground black pepper for a Cacio e Pepe vibe.


  1. Shave our Ricotta Salata over tacos or Keto-friendly Tex-Mex dishes for a lightly tart, creamy, rich garnish.


  1. Slather Locatelii Cremas onto low-carb, keto friendly wraps and tortillas. Top with some ham, turkey, or chicken and leafy greens for a fast lunch wrap or easy snack.


  1. Don’t forget to save your Locatelli Pecorino Romano ends to simmer into soups and stews for even richer flavor!