You probably already know and love grated Locatelli Pecorino as a classic topping for your favorite pizzas and Italian pasta dishes.  But its lightly sharp, slightly salty, piquant, and rich taste can add amazing flavor to your life in so many other ways!

1) Add Oomph to Soups and Stews

You know how sometimes you slave over a soup pot or Dutch oven for hours and find the end resulting soup or stew to be a little flat and lacking in flavor?  Try whisking a hefty dose of pecorino into the broth or sauce.  It will not only help thicken things up but also add a bold, savory edge that complements all kinds of dishes from classic chicken soup to short ribs and more. Pro tip! Save your pecorino rinds in the freezer to add to any soup or stew as it simmers on the stove for an easy flavor boost.

2) To Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

Calling all sweet and salty dessert fans!  A small wedge of pecorino paired with walnuts, honey, and pears or other juicy fruit will hit all of your favorite crunchy, sweet, rich dessert notes in one easy plate. You can also shave pecorino on top of a baked apple or pear compote for a luxurious salty contrast to the fruit’s natural sweetness.

3) Make Your Breakfast Eggs More Memorable

Possibly the easiest way to give boring scrambled eggs a boost is to whisk in some grated pecorino cheese and pepper.  The cheese not only adds richness to the eggs but also seasons them with just the right level of salt.  If omelettes or frittatas are more your thing you can try whisking pecorino into your egg mixture for the same effect. The pecorino flavor will also pair perfectly with any fillings you choose!

4) Mix Into Ground Meat

The next time you find yourself making a mixture out of ground meat for meatballs, meatloaves, stuffed peppers, and even burgers; try folding in some grated Locatelli

Pecorino cheese.  It will keep it from drying out as it cooks, add a delicate, richness to the final result while helping season the meat from within.

5) In Baking

Since Locatelli Pecorino is well aged, crumbly and extra-flavorful, it’s the perfect cheese to choose for baking because its flavor won’t get lost with the other ingredients.  Try it in crackers, flatbreads, bagels or savory scones to add edge to the batter without making it too wet like other cheeses.  You can also stir pecorino into any breadcrumb or panko mixture to top vegetable gratins.  The pecorino will pre-season the plain breadcrumbs and help them brown more quickly too.

6) For a Wine Pairing

Be sure to pick up wedges of Locatelli Pecorino for your next cheeseboard or wine pairing.  Too often the most commonly included cheeses are soft, milder, and made from cow’s milk.  Adding a sharp, flavorful, aged sheep’s milk cheese like pecorino is the perfect way to create a well-rounded board or tasting.  We particularly love pecorino paired with a Chianti Classico as the wine’s black fruit stands up to the delicious boldness of the cheese. The hard, aged texture of the pecorino also pairs wonderfully with the wine’s tannins while the savory back notes in Chianti brings out a slight herbal flavor in the cheese.