While it’s true all of our Locatelli cheeses are made with milk from sheep or “pecore” in Italian; here’s why we’re also proud to proclaim them The G.O.A.T. or “Greatest Of All Time”!

  1. The Locatelli family began making sheep’s milk Pecorino cheeses over 200 years ago…talk about history! Rooted in tradition, these PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) cheeses even date back to Roman times over two thousands years ago.
  2. Location, location, Locatelli…hand-crafted, Locatelli cheeses are made on the island of Sardinia just west of the Italian mainland and north of Sicily. It’s untouched land, pristine grassy fields, and clear pure water makes for ideal sheep farming and cheesemaking.

    Italian Cheese Heritage Sardinia

    Sheep in Sardinia

  3. Even the sheep are special! All our cheeses are made with milk from local Sardinian-bred, pasture raised, grass-fed sheep from family run farms. We believe in treating our sheep with love.
  4. Terroir isn’t just for wine, it also massively impacts the taste of cheese. Our sheep eat only the tender, sweet, top blade grass that receive the breeze from the Mediterranean Sea which gives our cheeses an incredibly rich, buttery, and deliciously nutty taste.
  5. We even use the whey for our incredible Ricotta Salata. Made with only the finest sheep’s whey that’s been cooked and aged for 90 days, this bright, creamy, snow-white cheese is fantastic shaved on pasta, diced in salads, or paired with fruit for dessert or a snack. Fun fact: It gets its name from the word “ricotta “meaning re-cooked and “salata” which means salted.
  6. We believe in the importance of family and supporting local farmers.  Not only is Locatelli a family run business, but many of the sheep farms we work with have been part of our cheesemaking family for over 50 years.
  7. Our cheeses are made by hand. Every variety of Locatelli cheese from your favorite Pecorino Romano to our peppercorn infused Pecorino Pepato, basket cured Saracinos, and traditional Ricotta Salata are handcrafted by skilled artisans who are experts in the cheesemaking and aging process.
  8. Speaking of handcrafting; even the salt used in our cheeses is handmade! We harvest and evaporate from the Mediterranean Sea which is then hand rubbed onto each wheel of cheese by our skilled cheesemakers.
  9. We’re all about flavor and innovation. Our unique Locatelli Crema di Pecorino Romano & Crema Cacio e Pepe feature our world-famous Pecorino Romano cheese blended into a soft creamy spread. It’s fantastic slathered on crackers and crusty bread, as an upgrade to your typical veggie and dip platter, spread on paninis and sandwiches, or stirred into pastas and risotto for a creamy, flavorful finish.

    Locatelli Crema di Pecorino Cheese

    Locatelli Crema di Pecorino Cheese

  10. Want final proof that Locatelli is The G.O.A.T? Our award-winning, Pecorino Romano is THE #1 brand of imported cheese from Italy. It’s a must have in every kitchen and truly The Greatest of All Time.